Satellite Super Store



Satellitesuperstore had multiple, high volume eиay stores to manage, update and fulfil obligations. They needed a way of easily listing and amending product stock from multiple channels that was otherwise consuming large amounts of their time. Also looking to support fulfilment by Amazon, they would need a way of managing their product databases from a single platform that could automate the hardest parts of their company processes. Satellitesuperstore engaged Spark Sales Online to unify all of these disparate channels into one manageable system.


Spark Sales Online implemented a stock management and fulfilment system that would enable them to utilise their large categories from a single interface. This would free up time spent switching from selling channel to selling channel. With their eBay stores managed we integrated their different couriers along with automated rules, so they could process orders as soon as they came in, assigning the most cost-effective packaging for their orders. We also designed new invoices, trained their key staff and set up auto-response emails that would inform users and customers of orders and updates.

Services rendered

  • eBay integration of 7 Stores
  • Amazon integration + FBA
  • Bundles set-up
  • Data import via CSV file
  • Royal Mail OBA integration
  • UK Mail integration
  • Shipping allocation automation
  • Dispatch notification e-mails set-up
  • Invoice design
  • Linnworks training

With couriers assigned and rule sets automated Satellitesuperstore can focus on listing, updating and optimising products in the knowledge they are not replicating their effort. Automated rules cut out the necessity for spending large amounts of time updating order statuses, when an order comes in, they process it at a button push and continue their day. The system allows Satellitesuperstore to respond faster than their competitors across selling channels, improve their selling reputation across the most popular marketplaces and regulates their order turnaround for the benefit of the company.

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