Authentic Oil Co


Authentic Oil Co was established in 2012, They have a great passion for all things natural fair trade ethical and organic, they strive to provide a high level of customer service fast delivery times and high quality products, they have travelled around the globe to bring some of the best quality oils and raw material to the UK and still continue to do so, based on a Farm in Raglan Monmouthshire, adjoining beautiful countryside of the forest of dean and wye valley.


Autentic Oil Co required an order management and stock control system that would allow them to list products across multiple platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Magento. Pitaron understood that their business could benefit greatly from automated shipping, a single multi-channel dashboard for listing products on their website and associated selling channels. This would make their business more agile when responding to order, improve their turnaround giving them an advantage over their competitors.


We carried out a Linnworks integration targeting marketplaces that would boost sales with their new automated processes. After this was approved we linked their online web stores, amazon stores along with eBay and Etsy to the solution to automatically process and assign shipping using automated rule sets, handle refunds and returns and work with this couriers (Royal Mail, Parcel2Go). As well as this we helped design their new automated invoicing and PO’s before training their Key staff members on the best practice usage of the new system.

Services Rendered

• Amazon integration
• ebay integration
• Etsy integration
• Magento (website) integration
• Royal Mail OBA integration
• Parcel2go integration
• Shipping automation set-up
• Invoice design
• Remote training


Once completed the service was able to provide Authentic Oil Co a smooth operating system where they can fully manage the whole business from a single sign on, all from one location.

Using a Multichannel solution they cut down time spent on listing their products, updating their stock levels and working on sending out their orders. This lets them compete with businesses across the web and process orders better than the competition ensuring repeat future business.


“Very efficient! High quality services provided by Ross and the team”Daniel Robinson, Director – Authentic Oil Co

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