Fnatic are a global esports brand running several high performance fan stores across their own websites, popular marketplaces such as Amazon and Newegg.

Fnatic specialise in esports related paraphernalia to gamers ranging from computer components like mice all the way to gaming chairs and esports team shirts.

Today, driven by entertainment, Fnatic is the channel through which the most forward-thinking brands communicate with young people. They deliver industry-leading content, experiences and activations through offices and facilities in cities between Los Angeles and Tokyo.


Fnatic had a complex warehouse setup and 24/7 products that required tracking and accurate stock control.

Fnatic used third party fulfilment and high profile services such as Amazon FBA across a number of high performing stores. To be able to fully deliver the type of automation, a global brand such a Fnatic needed, we had to fully understand their internal network of warehouses and their subsidiaries to whom they supplied stock.

Fnatic didn’t fulfil orders themselves so we would need to be able to integrate their range of partners and 3PLs into a single, automated system complete with full stock reporting.


Careful automation of several interlocked warehouses and setup of virtual locations for stock fulfilment.

By integrating their fulfillment centers and digital storefronts into a single system, Fnatic could report, fulfill and track orders throughout any corner of their ever expanding brand.

In creating bundle products, their stock tracking would become more accurate over time and cut down on out of stock instances where other warehouses could fulfil orders and exchange stock.

Custom scripting ensures their enterprise level requirements for the exchange of stock as well as custom reporting features backs up their internal decision making for how they should allocate their products.

Now Fnatic stores are powered by an all-encompassing system to report on their performance, feed their wide range of fulfillment partners and push their global brand to new markets as they scale well into the future.

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