Greg Rowe


Greg Rowe Limited (GRL) spans two generations of tap-making innovation and excellence. Greg Rowe Snr co-founded the British brassware manufacturer Avilion and with partner Bob Perrin, developed and patented TRIFLOW™, the first kitchen tap to dispense hot, cold and filtered water. They also established the internationally renowned luxury brassware brand, Perrin & Rowe.


Greg Rowe Ltd had identified Linnworks as being perfect for their needs, but with eight different online sales channels and a rapidly growing business they didn’t have the time and necessary understanding of Linnworks to carry out the various integrations themselves. Spark Sales Online were recommend to GRL by Linnworks so they decided to give them a try.


● Selling Channels Integration
● Inventory Import through .CSV
● Invoice Design
● Automatic shipping allocation
● Custom Shipping Rules
● Training and support of the launch of the system

“Spark Sales Online were great – they have an in-depth understanding of Linnworks. They helped us to integrate our eight sales channels, imported our inventory into Linnworks, setup invoice templates, integrated our shipping accounts into Linnworks and assisted us with the setup of rules in the rules engine. Spark Sales Online then spent the day with us on Go Live to make the final tweaks in Linnworks and ensure the switch went smoothly, which it did.”
– Todd Rowe, Director


The service offered by Spark Sales Online enabled Greg Rowe Ltd to be fully up and running about 6 weeks after the company had made the decision to use Linnworks. Had they tried to struggle on with the setup themselves, it would have probably taken 6 months. GRL doubt they would have been able to utilise all the functionality in Linnworks, had it not been for Pitaron’s comprehensive knowledge.


“If you are seeking assistance with setting up and implementing Linnworks, I would thoroughly recommend Spark Sales Online. The service was very professional and great value for money.”
Todd Rowe, Director

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