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Refurbished Electronic Goods

Phoenix Cellular are one of the largest distributors dedicated to the supply of Pre owned mobile devices. With years of experience within the Pre owned space, Phoenix Cellular have established themselves as one of Europe’s best, offering customers a huge range of fully tested devices available across multiple manufacturers, models and grades.


Getting in touch before their hectic Christmas period, Phoenix Cellular wanted to see how Spark Sales Online could assist them in implementing Linnworks to help drive sales and automate processes. They had a great product line and wanted to move onto multiple platforms but had zero online presence. Linnworks alone wouldn’t guarantee more sales, only a managed service to increase product reach could possibly have an effect.


• No automation of processes
• Zero online presence
• No Access to Worldwide marketplaces
• Few staff available for full-time processes such as listing
• No Fulfilment Alternative for Large Influx of Orders

After hearing their requirements, we were able to identify potential marketplaces and sales channels that if reached, would push massive results to Phoenix Cellular, so we got to work.


Using our managed service, Phoenix Cellular were able to change their approach. We setup Linnworks, connected them to global marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and most importantly Back market. Designed their stores to have a modern look and feel under the name “Devices Direct”.

New Orders started pouring in, but as they did, the influx of new business was overwhelming the staff. So we chose to outsource fulfilment to reduce the strain on the business by setting up the system to download orders from our suggested platforms and then allocating those orders to 3PL logistics centre for fulfilment, tracking numbers and feeding back to their selling channels.

Services rendered

• Linnworks implementation
• eBay Account Setup
• eBay Store Design
• Amazon Account Setup
• Integrated Back market (European market for used electronics) For this we created their store – Devices Direct.
• Implemented FedEx and UPS, receive and ship orders by these
• Listed and Optimised Products on both eBay, Amazon & Backmarket
• Receiving orders and managing using Linnworks
• Created Store on multiple marketplaces for Devices Direct


After watching them grow exponentially after the setup, we saw a huge increase in their online orders. With the whole process automated they were able to dominate the refurbished electronic market on Back market using their “Devices Direct” brand name. The store designs for ebay allowed more orders to pour through different channels diversifying their selling range.

Now with predictable and manageable processes they can concentrate on phasing their products to more and more customers worldwide, rather than simply selling to whoever notices.

After just 8 months of managed service assistance, they now generate around £5 million in yearly revenue.

Now Phoenix cellular can just source stock from suppliers, while the rest of their business critical operations are handled for them.

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