10 Reasons Why You Should List Your Products on Amazon


Ross Boguslavski

17 October 2023

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Amazon has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a book reseller to needy college students and libraries. What began as a small idea in the garage of Jeff Bezos has grown into an international juggernaut offering web services, streaming entertainment, and all kinds of products, from custom cat clothing to high-end game pieces.

Every business owner or budding entrepreneur dreams of having the same global market reach as this ecommerce giant. Luckily, Amazon provides a lucrative platform for anyone willing to put in a little time and effort. You can quickly list your products, outline your supply chain, and start selling in droves – earning a decent side income or boosting your business venture.

So, shouldn’t this be a no-brainer? Why should you list your products on Amazon with so many other competitors out there in the world? Here are the best reasons to list your products on Amazon right now.

#1 – People Trust Amazon More Than Any Other Ecommerce Site

Amazon has solidified its reputation over the years, ensuring that many shoppers begin their product searches at Amazon. This trust is priceless. The company netted a favorite score of 78% in a recent poll testing which tech companies could be the most trusted.

Why does this matter? Online scams. Lesser-known platforms and online pop-up shops from drop shippers without a solid reputation tend to lead to poor customer experiences and outright fraud. Customers trust Amazon to deliver quality products from genuine sellers because of the return policy, transparent shipping system, and long list of user reviews.

#2 – Amazon’s Revenue Continues to Grow

If you want to earn money, you must go where it is spent most. Every single year, Amazon has experienced growth of roughly 9-11%, even in times of financial downfall from governments.

It’s no secret that Amazon is dominant with ecommerce market. People will shop where there is convenience, trust, and accessibility. This holy trinity of ecommerce is precisely how Amazon is able to capitalize on revenue projects, even during hard times like the pandemic. This growth reflects the increasing number of customers ready to buy from sellers like you.

#3 – Low Start-Up Costs

One of the main reasons why you should list your products on Amazon is the affordability. With minimal cost, you can set up an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) account and start selling. There’s no need to own large storage spaces or handle complex logistics.

All you really need to get going is a verified Amazon account, a way to list your items (camera phone, keyboard, etc.), and shop basic office/shipping supplies. Considering the average first-year costs of a physical business are between $30,000 and $40,000 USD, a couple hundred on Amazon makes way more sense.

#4 – Hundreds of Millions of Potential Customers

Amazon boasts a vast customer base. At last count, you’re looking at around 310 active users in this global online marketplace. From Prime members eager to make the most of their subscriptions to one-time buyers, the platform ensures your product gets maximum visibility.

Consider that level of playing field. Imagine a flea market with so many customers that you would need a team of sellers for your small booth dedicated to local honey supplies. As long as you can market to your niche, you can easily find a profitable pathway forward.

#5 – Prime Members are the Best Buyers in the World

Prime members aren’t just any customers. They tend to buy more frequently and are loyal to the Amazon platform. They trust Amazon’s promise of quick deliveries and exclusive deals and are ready to spend money.

As of 2023, Amazon has 148.6 million Amazon Prime members. That is up 49.5% from 2017. Why? Yes, there are streaming deals to be had, but it is mostly because of the free shipping and expansive marketplace. These customers trust the platform so much that they want to be a part of the brand. That translates to warm leads instead of cold calls for when you list your products on Amazon.

#6 – You Can Start Making Money Fast

Selling on Amazon offers a quicker return on investment. With the FBA program handling shipping and logistics, sellers can focus on listing and optimizing their products. This efficiency often leads to faster sales.

Just how fast can you grow on Amazon? Try this out for size:

  • Monday – find your niche and make an Amazon account using FBA
  • Tuesday – decide on the products you want to sell for your brand
  • Wednesday – send products from around your home, local resale shops, or online dropshipping distributors to Amazon to hold
  • 3-5 Days Later – Amazon receives your supplies, and your listings go live

The very next day after you make a sale, you can expect to see money deposited into your seller account, as Amazon handles the shipping and distribution on your behalf. That means you’re looking at a timeframe as quick as 6-8 days to start earning.
That doesn’t account for digital products, pre-sales, and other options that are even faster.

#7 – Fully Location Independent from Brick & Mortar Stores

Amazon provides a unique advantage: freedom from geographical limitations. Why use Amazon as a seller? Because you don’t need a physical store. You can run your business from anywhere, reaching customers across the globe.

Think about how relaxing it would be to run your business from a hammock while on vacation in Bali. As long as you have the automation set up to operate in the background (our team at Spark Sales Online can help with that part), then you need very little management for the daily activities required to sell.

The rest of the time, you can be working on marketing, expanding your product offerings, and figuring out what niche is your next goldmine waiting to happen. All from the convenience of your smartphone.

#8 – People are Willing to Spend a Bit More on Amazon than Other Sites

Remember that trust capital we mentioned at the beginning of the article? Customers perceive products on Amazon as trustworthy and of high quality. As a result, they’re often willing to pay a premium. This willingness can mean increased profit margins for sellers.

The average American spends $91.75 USD on Amazon every single month! There are over 331 million people living in the United States. You don’t need to be a math genius to see that there is a ton of potential profit sitting there, ripe for the picking. Your business can quickly gain a new revenue stream by shifting to Amazon product listings. What are the benefits of Amazon product listing? Access to a massive revenue stream!

#9 – You Don’t Need to Build Your Own Ecommerce Website

Building and maintaining a website can be costly and time-consuming. When you list your products on Amazon, you remove this hassle. Plus, what are the benefits of Amazon product listing? Exposure, trust, and a ready-to-buy audience, to name a few.

The convenience of Amazon is a two-way street. Customers can find the products they want quickly, and you have a prebuilt platform that optimizes your listings. There is no need to hire a team to build you a customized Ecommerce website. Instead, you want to work with a team like ours to streamline operations and boost your listing visibility to gain more sales. This is one of the biggest reasons why to use Amazon as a seller.

#10 – The Best Customer Experience

Amazon’s top-tier customer service ensures a smooth experience for buyers. Amazon leads in customer satisfaction with hassle-free returns, quick deliveries, and a vast product range.

We’re talking shipping that can be the same day, next day, or only a couple of days out for even the most remote areas of the world. The supply chain infrastructure alone is a big reason why the customer experience is so valuable.

Then there is the variety. When you can browse thousands of listings around the items you want the most, all while never leaving the comfort of your warm blanket and comfy couch, why wouldn’t you?

Wrapping Up

Expanding your business by listing your products on Amazon is an essential step in the right direction. Considering the unmatched market reach, customer trust, and high potential for profitable sales, it only makes sense to utilize this ecommerce platform.

Need a little help getting started? Our professional and experienced team at Spark Sales Online is a leading provider of product listing optimization, keyword research, A+ content, Amazon store management, and more. We can automate many of the tasks you need to streamline so you can focus on more critical business needs.

Book a consultation with our team today, and let’s find a way to expand your digital sales reach by joining the premier online selling marketplace the world has ever known – Amazon.

Ross Boguslavski

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Ross Boguslavski

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