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Ross Boguslavski

19 October 2023

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Ecommerce and dropshipping are where millionaires are being made. The global growth of eCommerce sales is expected to be 21.72% of all retail purchases by the end of 2024. Right along with this rapid growth and international adoption is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to make the entire process more accessible for everyone, from brick-and-mortar business owners to entrepreneurs working entirely from their smartphones.

What can it do for eCommerce? The answer is simple. AI can transform the way your business operates by streamlining and automating customer interactions, inventory management, marketing efforts, content creation, and so much more.

With so many uses for AI, it’s time to leverage this powerful new technology for your efforts. Our team at Spark Sales Online has put together a quick list of the best AI eCommerce platforms that can boost sales and maximise your ROI. These AI tools for e-commerce go well beyond the popular ChatGPT that is so popular. Let’s jump in.

How Do the Best AI Tools Help to Grow Your eCommerce Business?

It’s no longer just about listing a product on a platform. Ecommerce is about creating an experience that is 100% personalised to the unique needs and desires of your customer’s journey.

This razor-thin balance point is where AI is essential. AI uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to better understand your customers by using data to anticipate their needs and offer personalised recommendations. It has the potential to improve every facet of an eCommerce business, from supply chain management to customer support.

At its core, AI is a set of calculations that use a database to solve a problem. The platforms on our list are carefully curated to solve the common eCommerce challenges you might face, saving you time, money, and energy, so your team can focus on more critical business operations.

Benefits of AI for Ecommerce Brands

  • Deliver Personalized and Engaging Content: Much of eCommerce revolves around delivering personalized and engaging content to increase conversion rates. AI Tools analyze customer data and behaviors, then tailor their services, recommendations, and content generation so your clients have a better experience.
  • Make the Shopping Experience Smoother and More Rewarding: AI enhances online shopping experience, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. You can leverage AI-powered search functions and chatbots to do everything from helping customers find secondary products at POS (point of sale) or even receiving instant support from machine learning algorithms.
  • Uncover the Best Pricing Strategies: Ecommerce, especially dropshipping, relies heavily on pricing analytics. AI platforms use predictive analytics of competitor and personal eCommerce businesses to optimize pricing strategies in real time.
  • Reduce Risk and Fraud Issues: Chargebacks and friendly fraud are always a risk in eCommerce and dropshipping. AI’s technology can lower the chances of these instances by blocking IPs, blacklisting geographic regions, or predicting any orders that may pose a higher risk.
  • Makes Shipping, Analytics, and Inventory Much Easier: The logistical challenges that eCommerce businesses face are numerous. That is why the primary purpose of AI is to digest and analyze massive amounts of data through analytics to improve your operations. AI eCommerce platforms can do everything from enhancing shipping routes to lower expenses and decrease delivery times to validating customers’ concerns to give owners insight into how to improve operations.

Enough talking about theory, and instead, how about we get into the actual list of AI tools for eCommerce that will maximise your ROI so you can experiment with what will work best for your eCommerce brand?

What are the Best AI Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Business?

A powerful tool designed to help businesses find product suppliers quickly. With its AI-driven market analysis, businesses can increase their sales exponentially. This particular AI works exceptionally well for drop shippers who want to uncover winning products and add them to their platforms with only a single click. You can import directly from AliExpress, find high-demand products and suppliers, and streamline dropshipping operations. Pricing starts at $27 per month, with an additional $67 for access to the massive product/supplier directory.

Koala Inspector
An ecommerce tool that offers insights into store data, making product discovery more straightforward than ever before. It works as a Google Chrome extension. You land on a Shopify storefront and then click on the icon to analyze what popular niches, which products are selling the most, the Shopify apps that the store uses, and more. There is a free “limited use” plan and then tiers starting at $7.99 per month.

Shulex Voc
A next-gen platform for sourcing high-demand products, ensuring you always have what the customer desires by first learning about public sentiment. You can use this tool to analyze your competitors, research specific products, buyer motivations, and more. It is especially good at digging into Amazon and Google reviews to get a better idea of top-selling items. Free to start and then custom pricing based on your needs.

This AI-powered tool provides real-time analytics and recommendations to optimize sales and campaigns. This is your all-in-one content creator AI that helps write blogs, improve product descriptions, generate images, build logos, and more. Get 100 credits a month for free and then $35 a month for unlimited use.

What are the Best AI Tools for Website Building?

An intuitive website builder that uses AI to create a site that resonates with your brand’s voice, ensuring a robust online presence. You get everything you need from content creation AI tools that generate unique text to heat maps to detect where your visitors are landing the most. The basic plan starts at $2.90 per month.

Goes beyond traditional website design by offering personalized designs based on user input. The ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. All you do is answer questions about your ecommerce brand and create goals, and then the platform crafts a website shop based on your unique responses. Then, you can tweak whatever you need afterwards. You’re looking at around $27 per month, but it is highly customisable.

Uses AI-driven content creation tools to help brands craft websites tailored to their niche. This is a free-to-use plan because the AI-powered platform is limited only to the initial creation of your website. Jimdo is an excellent place to start if you are new to AI and want to “test out” how your site will improve website conversion rates and where you can leverage predictive analytics.

What are the Best AI Tools for Personalisation?

Amazon Personalise
A machine learning service that helps to personalize your website, apps, and recommendations. The platform works by deploying curated recommendations that change the customer experience right at the point of sale. This leads to higher conversion rates and better upselling or cross-promotional integration. You pay based on the volume of data being processed. So 200GB would run around $10. Amazon is the largest retailer, so having AI-powered insights that create personalized recommendations to improve the shopping experience is always a plus.
Enhances ecommerce sites by providing personalized search results and product suggestions. You want the ClerkCore side of this business because it is intended to deliver a customized experience by designating product ranges and then using customer data. Once compared, the AI can suggest what products will fit the customer well. You can get a demo version and an estimate by visiting the website. It’s all about using visual recognition tools to improve product listing suggestions based on customer searches and previous info.

What are the Best AI Tools for eCommerce Marketing Campaigns?

Uses AI to craft campaign messaging that resonates with the target audience, increasing engagement rates. This ecommerce platform tool creates personalised language that works with your direct customer models. That goal is to feed it specialised data points from your previous customer engagements as well as target audience to then automate campaigns that use AI-driven optimisation. The pricing is completely customized, so you’ll need to request an estimate.

An autonomous digital marketing platform that can design, execute, and analyze campaigns. Think of this as a partner advertising agency that uses technology, keyword insights, audience behaviors, and device-driven bidding to optimise campaign performance. In return, you get cross-promotion and streamlined marketing through automated ad generation that is more aligned with your target audience. Like Persado, this is customised pricing based on your needs.

What are the Best AI Tools for Email Marketing Campaigns?

Tailors email campaigns using AI to ensure each customer gets a personalized experience. Bluecore is a data insights company. They know how to improve ROI, conversion rates, open rates, and more email engagement by building unique campaigns for segments or target audience groups that you want to leverage during holidays, promotions, or as new leads. A demo is available, then customized pricing to continue use based on your needs.

Uses AI to help create compelling email content that resonates with the reader. There are easy-to-use toggles for shifting from a professional to a more conversational tone based on your unique campaign needs. While this AI-powered platform doesn’t streamline email marketing, it completely changes how you generate emails, saving you a ton of time.

Drift Email
An AI-powered platform designed to streamline email marketing strategies. What makes Drift unique is that you can both initiate and manage all email communications on a scalable level. The AI bots use ML to analyse what emails you have sitting in your inbox to then inform what will be generated in the future – making it a far more advanced response tool. That helps with everything from list management to A/B testing. You’ll need to contact Drift for a customised price.

What are the Best AI Tools for Customer Service?

From chatbots to search solutions, enhance customer service with this AI-powered platform. With this chatbot system, you can save time that your human assets can use to improve core ecommerce business operations or find new dropshipping products to focus on. You’ll get omnichannel ticketing and live chat support from all sources (social media, websites, email, and more). You can try the free demo and then request a quote.

Thankful (Part of Gladly)
A robust solution that uses AI to address customer queries and feedback. This is mainly for B2C eCommerce or dropshipping businesses that want a streamlined help desk system. The chatbots work as agents that constantly review previous interactions to improve, personalise, and improve customer engagement. There is a demo available but Gladly doesn’t list its current pricing models.

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