Top 10 Print-on-Demand Companies in 2023


Ross Boguslavski

22 November 2022

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In the last few years, we’ve seen increasing demand for print-on-demand (POD) merchandise. According to a study by Printful, 45% of business owners who sold print-on-demand products saw an increase in sales throughout 2020. Although this was likely due to a surge in online shopping due to the pandemic, data shows print-on-demand is not slowing down. Grand View Research reports the global POD market size was valued at $4.90 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase in value by 26.1%, year over year, until 2030.

Your business can see a substantial increase in profit by partnering with one of the best print-on-demand companies in 2023.

What is Print-on-Demand?

Before we dive into the best print-on-demand companies, let’s clarify what it is:

Print-on-demand clothing is a revolutionary way for brands and businesses to sell their products online. Instead of having to print, ship, and store thousands of units of each item, you can create a single design and have it printed in batches as needed.

This differs from traditional manufacturing methods because there’s no need for stagnant inventory or material waste. By creating only what people want — rather than what they might want — business owners can reduce costs while providing high-quality products with unique designs.

Best Print-on-Demand Companies in 2023

Here’s our list of the best print-on-demand companies in 2023!

1. Printful

Printful offers everything you need to run a successful apparel business. When it comes to printing options, you can choose from direct-to-garment, embroidery, cut and sew, and sublimation printing. They offer a variety of further customization options, so you can provide exactly what your customers want. For example, you can add year-away tags, custom inserts and stickers, and branded packaging.

The Printful built-in mockup generator allows you to create a ready-to-sell design in minutes! Additionally, Printful has the most integrations with online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, and Squarespace.

Printful orders are typically ready to ship within the U.S., Mexico, and Europe in under five days. Nearly half of the deliveries arrive in under three days!


SPOD, owned by Spreadshirt, is one of the best print-on-demand companies because it has the fastest fulfillment times in the industry – 95% of orders ship in under 2 days! Customers are always pleased when they receive their packages quickly.

There are many printing options with SPOD, including digital direct, thermal sublimation, digital transfer/laser transfer, and special flex. There may be some printing limitations depending on the material you choose. Another fantastic feature is their customization tool. Your customers can create their own products through your shop, which you are paid for.

3. Printify

Printify works with a network of vendors around the world. Although this means you can open your shop to a larger audience, it also means that products, shipping costs, location, packaging, and production times may vary depending on your provider. Most providers, however, offer direct to garment printing, sublimation, cut and sew, and embroidery.

Although Printify options are different all around the world, this company offers some of the best profit margins and a huge selection of products. This is an excellent choice for anyone with a global audience.

4. Apliiq Print on Demand

Apliiq offers some of the highest quality POD products you will find today. The organization is based in downtown Los Angeles and employs talented designers to bring your vision to life. They offer a wide range of customization options, so you can create apparel that looks fresh off the fashion runway.

Customization options include custom labels, clothing tags, and patches to brand your products. You can also choose to design interior linings, add pockets, and more. This is one of the best print-on-demand companies for ecommerce businesses that are serious about selling premium clothing.

5. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is one of the best print-on-demand companies because they have competitive pricing and a wide range of product options – you can even design your own Bluetooth speaker! Production is a bit slower with this company in comparison to the others we have mentioned so far. It usually takes three to six business days to prepare an item for shipping.

This is another company that offers product personalization, so your customers can upload their own designs! This is an excellent option for ecommerce business owners who already offer custom products, like mugs, wine glasses, stickers, and travel cups.

6. CustomCat

CustomCat boasts the largest product range out of all the print-on-demand companies – they have over 550 products, and they frequently add more! This is the perfect option for ecommerce business owners who are looking to offer everything their customers want (and more!).

It’s important to note that their wide range of options is offset by longer shipping times and simpler design tools. It can take up to seven business days for domestic shipping and up to 15 business days for international shipping. Still, CustomCat is a great partner for those who want to offer unique custom products in their online shop.

7. Lulu xPress

Although print-on-demand apparel is the most popular custom product category, it isn’t the only one! Lulu xPress offers custom digital printing with the option to choose the kind of paper, trim size, print quality, ink color, binding type, and print finish.

What can you make with POD digital printing? There are so many options: You can produce informational books, novels, journals, planners, calendars, magazines, and so much more! This is a great option for authors, teachers, illustrators, and anyone who wants to grow their business by monetizing a paper good. For example, a mindset coach could create a journal with positive affirmations and gratitude prompts for clients.

8. T-Pop

T-Pop is a great option for sellers in Europe – everything is printed in France within two to four days after ordering. From there, it takes two to three days to ship within France, and three to seven days for the rest of Europe. T-Pop also offers international shipping! Most orders will ship to countries outside Europe in five to ten days.

Eco-friendly products are what stand out at T-Pop. They are dedicated to producing responsible products, no plastic shipping and delivery, environmentally friendly inks, and carbon neutral transport service. This is one of the best print-on-demand companies for any brand focused on sustainability.

9. JetPrint

JetPrint is unique because in addition to traditional apparel items (shirts, hoodies, bags, etc.) they also offer watches, shower curtains, and other specialty products. That said, JetPrint specializes in custom watch designs.

JetPrint has a mockup generator that makes it easy to create quality designs in minutes. You can use this tool to showcase your unique watch designs on your ecommerce website. Because watches are a little more complex to manufacture, they have a slightly longer shipping time than the average print-on-demand company. Most orders arrive within 14-20 business days.

This is a fantastic option for business owners who are already in the accessory business and those who want to start a line of watches.

10. AOP+

AOP+ has a large catalog of over 140 high-quality products. Although they offer many printing options, they specialize in dye sublimation all-over-print. All printing is done in-house, which allows AOP+ to provide excellent quality control to all customers.

This is a great option for anyone interested in print-on-demand and wants to get started quickly. Their intuitive app and website make it easy to upload designs, create custom products, and ship to customers around the world. Additionally, you can pay for a monthly plan that provides access to discounts, specialty customization options, and more.

Final Thoughts

Print-on-demand is a fast and easy way to make more money online. You can choose any of these companies and get started today! Need help developing a solid print-on-demand marketing strategy? Spark Sales Online can help! Contact us today to get started.

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