Walmart SEO: How to Rank for the Right Keywords on Walmart


Ross Boguslavski

20 July 2023

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Big marketplaces like Walmart use search algorithms to locate the exact products customers need, leading to business growth for both the platform and the sellers. To remain competitive among other sellers, you should understand and abide by the rules of the search algorithm. In this article, we will provide you with an extensive guide on what is Walmart’s growth algorithm, how to do keyword research for Walmart, and how to properly perform Walmart SEO which can help items rank higher on product search result pages, resulting in more searches and views of them. Let’s start!

What is the Walmart ranking algorithm (Walmart SEO)?

Walmart provides a marketplace with an abundance of sellers, making it essential to practice Walmart SEO in order to maximize organic traffic and product views. This SEO, or search engine optimization, means structuring your product listing to be visible and easily found by Walmart search engines. This involves understanding how Walmart’s search algorithm works and modifying listings accordingly to increase the chances of appearing near the top of search results. Ultimately, this allows for more organic traffic and visibility for products.

How does Walmart’s search algorithm work? Let’s figure it out!

Walmart’s system looks into a variety of elements, combining the eleven essential components of a product listing to find the most pertinent items in response to a user’s query. Their total listing quality rating is gauged with an amalgamation of offer, content, and performance criteria. Together, these are the three sides of what is called the “optimization triangle”:

  • Content incorporates product type, title, detail, images, and properties (how stated is your product description?).
  • The performance takes into consideration order defect rate, adherence to regulations, and buyer response time (what is the quality of your customer service?).
  • Offer considers the cost of the item, cost of delivery, and availability (how reasonable are your prices?).

Enhancing your product listings to make them more recognizable when customers search for items that you offer on is referred to as Walmart SEO. It is distinct from optimizing for Google; therefore, techniques that work effectively on Google may not be best suited for your listings. While keywords do hold a certain degree of significance, customer service is similarly critical. As Walmart can track how you interact with customers, a bad customer experience, unavailable items, and slow delivery times will all be detrimental to your ranking on their search engine. Fortunately, Walmart takes care of some of the SEO for you, thereby eliminating any workload for you.

How to do keyword research for Walmart?

In order to be successful in selling more products on Walmart, you must research and use high-volume keywords. This is not the same as Amazon SEO, as the functionality of the two platforms differs. By inserting relevant and high-volume keywords into product listings, you are giving your products a better chance of appearing in users’ searches. However, it is essential to include the keywords in a skilled and discreet way; attempting to overuse the words without proper writing technique will not be beneficial.

First, you should research the different types of keyword categories within your product’s ecosystem.

They include 6 types of keyword terms:

  1. Brand terms
  2. Product terms
  3. Competitor terms
  4. Substitute product terms
  5. Complementary product terms, and
  6. Audience terms

How to do keyword research on Walmart?

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Put a keyword in Walmart’s search box and then observe the “Related Searches” Walmart presents to you at the end of the page. A number of these keywords might be worth including if they are applicable to your product.
  • Check the listing of your rivals – you can study from them. Find competitors on that have a high ranking. Examine their keywords to use and expand on for maximizing your own entry.
  • Use keyword research tools. There are internet utilities to help you come up with pertinent words. Even though sites such as and Sonar-Tool specialize in Amazon, their keyword suggestions should still be beneficial for your listings.

Walmart SEO: Best Ways To Rank Product Listing

It’s time to proceed to the next crucial question – how to rank for the right keywords on Walmart, write listings for Walmart, and improve your Walmart SEO.

Select the right category and attributes for your products

It is essential to select the appropriate category and subcategory for your items so that they can be seen in the correct searches; it can be complicated at times to know which alternatives to pick. When your category and subcategory serve as a broad classification, attributes such as color, size, and material can make it simpler to look for your merchandise. Walmart does not necessitate a lot of attributes per subcategory, but you should see the filter on the left-hand side of pertinent search results pages to determine what those browsing for products like yours search for. Make sure to provide all related realities about the item so it shows up in filters for color, size, material, etc.

Optimize product information

Product information holds the utmost importance when optimizing for Walmart SEO. Per the Walmart guidelines regarding listing optimization, the quality and number of keywords used within product titles and descriptions determine success. To guarantee effectiveness, one should use both short-tail and long-tail keywords in their product titles and description. Short-tail keywords, such as «women’s skirts», and «men’s socks», although necessary, lack the specificity to accurately target users’ search queries. Long-tail keywords are extended and provide more definition and, thus, will be more likely to recognize the users’ search. For example, «women’s jeans mini skirt» or «men’s grey cotton socks».

Use high-quality images

Giving priority to listings with precise and high-quality visuals is part of Walmart’s Optimization Triangle. Reasonable since both buyers and the Walmart algorithm will be drawn to your listing when following their image standards. To do this, make sure to: have four advanced, high-definition pictures, images no smaller than 1000×1000 pixels, and a white background color. Utilize their Rich Media function, which allows you to add product videos and size charts. Shooting a product video is inexpensive and achievable with a modest budget and a smartphone.

Choose a competitive price for your products

According to the Baymard Institute study, nearly half of the internet-based shoppers report that pricing was the cause of them leaving their shopping carts incomplete. Staying competitive with prices can improve your Offer, which is an essential component of the Walmart SEO optimization diagram. Lowering the cost of your product too much in order to gain higher online search rankings is not the best choice. Developing a pricing strategy that serves your seller needs, as well as those of your patrons and Walmart, is preferable. Additionally, selling at reduced prices can draw patrons to your deals, and you can use the Pricing Opportunities dashboard in the Seller Center to identify what may be improved.

Use Walmart’s Free 2-Day Shipping

This indicates that Walmart wishes to see listings that inspire customers to buy. For this reason, it is good advice to make two-day shipping available for better Walmart marketplace SEO. Studies have shown that products with the two-day shipping tag saw more views and conversions. Sellers can apply for Walmart ThreeDay and request access to Walmart Two day, yet only those who have been selling for more than 90 days or have completed a minimum of one hundred orders can gain access. If qualified, Walmart sellers for two-day shipping tags must provide free nationwide delivery without establishing any spending requirements or charging a monthly fee.

How much do Walmart sellers make?

According to, the average Walmart Seller’s yearly pay in the United States is approximately $124,736, which is 103% above the national average.

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