Customer Service

Amberta is a world renowned retailer of fine jewelry. With manufacturers in Central Europe and Italy creating only the finest pieces using the latest, most advanced manufacturing methods.

Silver, gold or amber, they are on top of the curve in production quality and exquisite jewelry crafting. The designs are timeless; the products last a lifetime.



Amberta looked to tie together their multiple, successful stores and automate the packing process.

Amberta had a large number of marketplaces and stores they sold on across Europe.

They required an order management setup with a custom ruleset to select the most affordable services from their couriers and imports of 1000’s of SKU’s with accurate store data and connected stock levels.



Custom listing templates for ebay and order management implementation.

With all channels integrated and mapped we introduced customer notification emails and designed branded documentation to be attached alongside their orders.

Once products, channels and couriers were tested and working with their new rules, we made they could update listings in a flash, by creating an ebay listing template for them to list their products directly from their order management system.

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