Hawthorn Distribution


Hawthorn Distribution has been supplying global partners with products and related services for the last 6 years, their senior management team has collectively over 100 years of industry experience. In the forever evolving landscape of wholesale and trade. Hawthorn Distribution has been at the forefront of direct fulfilment services to suit modern retailing methods.


Hawthorn’s complex setup as a wholesaler network required a Linnworks implementation that could collect and assign orders based on 3 different warehouse or factory locations, in vastly different physical locations across the UK and Ireland.

Services rendered

The common sense answer was to use one system to attribute those orders to different warehouses or factories automatically. With a clear need for custom scripting and a unique setup that could stump most partners, Hawthorn engaged Spark Sales Online to ideate and provide a solution that could match their circumstances. After agreeing on the project details, Spark Sales Online set to work.

• Scripting for setup of 3 different Linnworks integrations and the locations between them
• Amazon, eBay, Tesco integration with a Linnworks solution
• Inventory Import and mapping
• Assigning extended properties of locations to items
• Assigning Fulfilment SKU’s extended properties to items
• Configuration of export/import routines with Factories
• RM integration for all factories
• Yodel integration for all factories
• Invoice/pick list designs.


Pitaron have set up a complex network of sub systems. The sub systems are based at many company locations across the UK & Ireland.

Using the split system setup, Hawthorn runs the UK’s and EU’s most successful high volume health store. Hawthorn now boast the largest health products selection in the world with over 30,000 items in stock for same day shipping, over 200,000 customers in 80 countries worldwide. With operations based across 3 offices and 7 dispatch centres in 3 countries with 26 key highly trained & specialised staff.

After completing on-site training for their teams across the UK. Pitaron now provide consistent support and ongoing project expansions which greatly improve efficiency, profitability, and the stability of the company.


“True thinkers who get involved and understand the daily challenges of professional eCommerce entities. We can safely say the best value for work we have had from any 3rd party source. This level of input is why we consider Spark Sales Online one of our IT support team and key players in the continued success of our operation.”

Gavin Curtis, Director

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