Best Online Business to Start as a Beginner


Ross Boguslavski

13 March 2023

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Whether you want to turn your passion into a business or make some extra money on the side, starting an online business can be a great way to do it. The best part is that you don’t need fancy degrees or years of experience to start.

The goal should be to create something that motivates you to earn some decent income and, hopefully, build a platform you can use for years. The best ideas will be those you can feel passionate enough to pour your heart and soul into. Here are some of the best online business ideas you can start quickly from the comfort of your home.

Best Online Business Ideas for 2023

1 – Launch a Clothing Line

Launching a clothing line can be a great way to start your business if you’re a fashionista with an eye for style and a passion for creating. This is hands down an easy online business ideas that makes money because it takes so little to start.

The key is to find something unique and different from what already exists in the market. This can be done by creating original designs or finding ways to repurpose existing garments in new and exciting ways. You can hire cheap people to create designs and put that art on shirts and clothes via CustomInk or Printify.

2 – Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an excellent option for beginners as there’s no inventory to worry about, and the process is simple. A dropshipper buys products from suppliers, who then ship them directly to customers. The dropshipper doesn’t have to pay for these products until they’ve been sold, so there’s no risk involved in starting a business that uses this method.

Dropshipping can be done through an app or website. You may also find suppliers through social media groups or forums where people discuss their favorite products or services. You can sell anything from beauty products down to things like dog food, which is why this one pops up on many business ideas for 2023 lists.


3 – Online Art

To be an artist, you need to have a strong brand. Your brand is the image that people associate with your name or product. It’s what they think of when they hear or see your name or product, and it can be anything from a logo to a slogan that tells people what kind of work you make. If you want to make money as an artist online, then people must know who you are!

If you are wondering what is the best online business for a beginner and you love art, start by building a social media following for your work. Then, you can expand to offering prints, clothes, and other accessories with your artwork on them.

4 – Freelance Writer or Designer

If you are a creative person with writing skills, you can find work as a freelance writer or designer. Freelance work is great because it allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours.

To succeed as a freelancer, you must learn how to write well and find an audience. You’ll also have to learn how marketing works so that people know about the services available through your business. Luckily, plenty of free resources on YouTube and online apps like Grammarly can help with these types of online business ventures.

5 – Create Online Courses

Online education is booming, and you can take advantage of this trend by teaching something you’re passionate about. If your expertise is in cooking or yoga or weight loss, create a course on it.

There are many platforms where you can create your own courses: Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable are just some examples. You’ll need to pay for these services, but they offer excellent tools for creating high-quality content as well as helping students learn how to use the platform itself (which saves time).

6 – Flip Thrift or Yard Sale Items

The next business you should consider starting is selling items online. You can do this in many ways, but the easiest way is to find a niche and sell directly to that target audience. This is often the answer to what kind of online business is most profitable because not many people compete in this space.

Any easy to get started is visiting your local bookstores, thrift shops, and yard sales and then searching for the items you think have high resale value. YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning more about what products people hunt for that have excellent resale value.

7 – Self-Published Author

If you have a book or manuscript in your head and are ready to get it out there, self-publishing could be the way to go. You might think traditional publishers are the only way to make money from writing books – but they aren’t! In fact, self-published authors earn more than traditionally published authors on average.

Self-publishing has never been easier thanks to companies like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Lulu, who offer free tools and templates for formatting your manuscript into an ebook that can be sold online through their platforms. You can even hire freelancers at sites like Upwork if you need help with any part of this process: editing, cover design, etcetera.

8 – Be a Blogger

Blogging is a great way to build an audience, share your knowledge and expertise, and monetize your blog. Some ask is online business a type of business when it comes to blogging because it gets ridiculed in movies and TV all the time. The reality is there is plenty of money to be made in this field.

You can monetize your blog by selling ads, affiliate links, or products. This will help you earn money from the site without spending too much time on it. You can also use blogging to build a community around a specific topic or industry you’re interested in getting involved with.

9 – Virtual Assistant

Starting a virtual assistant career is one of the most common types of online businesses. These are individuals who work remotely for clients. This can be an excellent business for beginners because it’s easy to start, and you can do it anywhere.

The main thing you need is an internet connection and a computer or laptop with good typing skills. You can get started as a virtual assistant by doing free trials with companies like Upwork or Freelancer where they will match up potential clients with freelancers who specialize in various areas such as marketing, writing or web development. Most digital nomads get their start as niche business VAs.

10 – Social Media Influencer

If you want to be an influencer, you must know how to use social media. You can start by creating your own blog and posting content regularly. Once you have a decent following, start promoting relevant products or services to your audience. If they like what they see, they will follow along with whatever interests them most.

You have to find your voice. Something that differentiates you from the rest of the influencers in the market. The good news is you don’t need to have millions of followers. You can easily make a good living as a “micro-influencer” with anywhere from 2,000-100,000 followers.

11 – Freelance App/Website Designer

If you have the skills to design apps and websites, this could be a great business. As a freelancer, you can set your own hours and work from home or anywhere else with internet access. This is one of the better online business examples because there is high demand for experts in the field.

Your best bet is to sign up for sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Then, once you have 10-20 completed jobs, you can build your own portfolio website and market the heck out of it online.

12 – Podcaster

A podcast is a digital audio file you can listen to on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also subscribe to them, so they’re automatically downloaded when new episodes are released.

Podcasts are popular because they allow people interested in a topic (e.g., fitness) access to experts who share their knowledge with the world. The best part? Podcasts don’t cost anything! All you need is some basic recording equipment (like an iPhone), editing software like GarageBand or Audacity, and some time set aside each week for recording/producing new episodes of your show(s).

If you don’t know where to start, check out popular comedy or real crime topics, and you’ll see a massive community interested in new stories.

13 – Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and is one of the best examples of successful online businesses around. The catch is you have to stick to it. Many people start affiliate marketing and then give up in a few weeks. If you have a website or blog, you can earn commissions by promoting other people’s products and services.

In this case, you’re not actually selling the product. You’re just promoting it and getting paid for doing so. You can get started with affiliate marketing by simply creating an account on an affiliate network (like ShareASale or ClickBank) and adding links or banners to your website that point back toward the merchant’s site where they sell their product(s). When someone clicks through one of these links/banners and makes a purchase within 24 hours of clicking on it, then you will receive a commission from that sale.

14 – Subscription Boxes

Looking for great online business ideas? Subscription boxes are a great way to start your own business. They’re also very easy to do and don’t require any technical skills. All you need is a product, some marketing know-how, and subscribers. Good niche markets include fitness, pets, personal hygiene, and tech gadgets.

Here’s how it works. You create an enticing subscription box filled with things people love, like snacks, beauty products, or toys. Customers pay for their subscriptions every month so they can receive their box in the mail at home. The more popular the subscription service becomes, the more money you’ll make from those monthly payments.

15 – Niche Product Development

If you’re looking for a business that’s easy to start and can be run from anywhere, niche product development is the way to go. With this method, you’ll find a unique product or service in your chosen niche and develop it into something people want.

For example, if you are interested in fitness and nutrition, maybe there’s an opportunity for an app or website that helps people eat healthier foods? Or maybe there are already lots of apps out there, but none specifically targeted at helping vegans who want to lose weight? The goal is to personalize a niche idea into a new product with demand.

16 – Sell Handmade Products

Handmade products are a great way to start your online business. They’re unique, have a story behind them, and can be customized for each customer. These are excellent starting points for online business ideas for students.

You should check out Etsy for ideas, as there are many niche markets and themes you can use to sell. This could be something as easy as hand-knitted hats for cats to complex products like smart mirrors with custom coding.

17 – Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries today and is always on a list of online business ideas. If you’re interested in starting a business and don’t have much money to invest, this may be the perfect option for you.

The great thing about social media management is that it doesn’t require any specific skills or experience. You can learn as you go!

Social media managers use their knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter to build brand awareness for their client’s businesses. They manage different aspects of advertising campaigns, including ad copywriting, creating graphics/videos/photos (depending on what platform), managing budgets, reporting analytics, and scheduling posts.

18 – Real Estate Investor

The real estate market is one of the best ways to earn passive income. If you want to make money while working on something else, investing in real estate is an excellent choice.

Real estate can be an excellent way for beginners who want to start an online business as well as those who have already established themselves in other ventures but still want an additional source of income. Doing this online can be building niche sites for agents, listing new properties on a directory, or even buying/selling property based on your own methods from around the world. The possibilities are endless!

19 – Marketplace Arbitrage

Marketplace arbitrage is a simple business model that can be started with little to no money. The idea behind marketplace arbitrage is to buy products from a place like eBay and then resell them on Facebook Marketplace or Amazon for a profit.

The hard part is ensuring you include all the fees or shipping costs inside your profit margins, so you don’t lose out. Otherwise, there is a lot of money to be made when you find the right combination of products.

20 – Translation Services

Translation services are a great way to start your own business. You can translate documents, websites, apps, and other media files into different languages. You can also translate audio or video files into text-based content in the same language.

You can also provide translation services between dialects of the same language (for example, British English vs. American English). Or you could help people who speak different writing systems communicate with each other (like Chinese characters vs. Japanese kanji). Your customers will love that you’re helping them communicate better through translation.

21 – Accounting/Tax Prep

Accounting is a great business to start as a beginner because it doesn’t require any special skills or education. You can learn accounting online and then move on to tax prep work and more complex tasks like payroll management.

Accountants make good money by working from home or in an office with other accountants, depending on what you prefer. This is also an excellent online business idea that will lead to a long-term career if you are interested in college courses or getting your CPA.

22 – Virtual Personal Trainer

If you love to work out, but don’t have the time to go to a gym and train your clients in person, then this is the business for you! As a virtual personal trainer, your main job will be setting up client appointments through your website or social media channels. You can also offer free trials and courses if they are new to working out.

You will assess their workout, diet, and healthy habits to improve their well-being. This does take a bit of education to get started. You will need to demonstrate how you are qualified, but it can be lucrative as almost everyone wants to drop a few pounds.

23 – Crypto or NFT Trading

Crypto or NFT trading is a form of trading in which cryptocurrencies are bought and sold. It’s similar to traditional stock market trading, but with one significant difference: instead of buying and selling stocks, you buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

There is a learning curve because you have to understand the Blockchain and how crypto/NFTs are created or mined. After that, it is a lot like retail arbitrage, where you are trying to maximize trades, buys, and sales.

24 – Online Coaching

If you’re an expert in a particular field or have a lot of knowledge about something, then coaching is an excellent way to earn money online.

You can start a coaching business with no experience and build it up as you gain more clients and work on your marketing campaigns. You can also coach people on any topic, whether that be health & fitness or business advice – or even something like cooking!

25 – Voiceover Artist

This is hands down one of the funnest online business ideas to get started as a beginner. You only need a decent microphone and a clean space free from background noise. You can get started on Fiverr or Upwork and then create a portfolio reel on YouTube or TikTok to solicit private clients.

It’s important that you have the right equipment before getting started in this business. The most basic tools are a microphone and a computer or laptop with recording software installed. Additional equipment may include headphones and pop filters if you’re doing any kind of serious work at home. This can be for commercials, audiobooks, corporate training, and animation.

26 – SEO/PPC Ad Consultant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are the two main online marketing methods.

SEO is a method of optimizing your website content so that search engines like Google can find it and rank it higher in their results. This is done by creating high-quality content, including keywords relevant to your business or industry, which helps people find you when they’re looking for something specific, like what you offer.

PPC allows you to pay for ads on specific platforms like Facebook or Twitter so that every time someone clicks on one of those ads, they will be taken directly through to your website. Your role as a consultant is to show clients how to best leverage these skills.


27 – Create Niche Websites

Being a website designer in the general sense is taking any client that comes your way. A niche website designer specializes in a specific industry or theme. This could be someone who only does pet sites or maybe focuses on clothing brands.

While this online business idea does limit your clients, it also makes it easier to find leads. You can build a portfolio site that targets specific niche keywords and markets that tend to lead to a lot of interest.

28 – Create a Membership Site

A membership site is a website that requires payment from visitors to view the content. There are many types of membership sites, but the most common are content based (online courses, ebooks, OnlyFans) or niche blogs with a premium tier service (Neil Patel and Ubersuggest).

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to creating your own membership site. To get started, we recommend checking out some existing examples and taking note of what works for them. Then try building something similar yourself.

29 – Social Media Photo Booster

This is a relatively new online business to start. You are not necessarily an influencer because your face never shows. What you do is promote popular content from other accounts on your social media-themed account with their permission. You become a sort of online filter for the content certain users want to see the most.

You make money from this type of site through partnerships, promotions, and ad sales. You can also point your social media account back to another online business landing page related to your niche photo themes.

30 – Flip Websites/Domains

Flipping websites is a great way to make money online. It’s a business that’s easy to get started in and can be done by anyone, regardless of your skill level. You don’t need any special skills or training, just some basic knowledge of how the internet works, and you’ll be good to go!

Visit a site like Flippia or GoDaddy, and you’ll see all kinds of websites and domains available for sale. Like most other reselling online business ideas, you are going to buy low and sell high. Everything is already pre-made for you. You just need to find a buyer.

31 – 3D Printing Business

3D printing is a technology that has been around for decades but is now becoming more popular as the price of printers has decreased. Your online business is designed to build the products and pieces people want for a fee.

A lot of successful 3D printer business owners have 9-12 printers running at once to capitalize on demand. They run 24/7 and do take some maintenance, but can be highly profitable if you find the right niche.

32 – Branding Consultant

A branding consultant helps clients to create a brand. This can include creating a logo, brand name and colors, website design, social media accounts, and marketing materials such as business cards and other marketing materials. They may also help with a marketing strategy for the client’s company or product.

You get to know your clients really well in this great online business for beginners. The goal is to tell a story that relates directly to that brand’s target market. You get a lot of word-of-mouth marketing from this business idea the better you become at building a brand. Best place to start is learning how to use Canva.


Now that you have all the information, it’s time to get started! You don’t need to spend money on a course or program. Just take some time to research these ideas and find one that fits your interests. If possible, try out each one until you find one that works well for you.

Remember starting an online business doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Take your time to explore your options and give yourself the freedom to experiment. You may be surprised at what you find you are passionate about!

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