The Best PayPal Alternatives to Use in 2023

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Ross Boguslavski

17 November 2022

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PayPal Can Put Undue Stress on Business Owners

Different types of organizations use PayPal–everyone from startups to multimillion-dollar corporations–and for online transactions. Plus, business owners and regular Joe Schmo’s can securely send and receive anything from a few bucks to a few thousand dollars but it can drain business owners through their service charge pricing. Despite PayPal being a huge player in payment gateways, it has its competitors.

Need a full-scale eCommerce solution, a point of sale offering, or in-store payments?
Crypto in your desired options? No worries, you can find a payment solution that fits your needs and your brand!

Each alternative has benefits for different types of users–business or personal use. Many of these alternative companies provide better customer service, go beyond basic needs and extend their offerings. As a customer, it’s best to try out different platforms to see what works for you over time. Since there are options, if a certain service doesn’t work for you, you can simply switch.

● Curious about the best alternatives to PayPal for business?
● Want to find the best alternatives to PayPal for eBay?
● Or, maybe you’re looking for the best alternatives to PayPal in general?

Awesome. You’re in the right place. Here is our list of best alternatives to paypal!

1. Stripe- The Best Alternative For eCommerce Businesses

Easy To Use:

Manage business online or even try your business idea in an online store. For payment processing, Stripe is simple and avoids all hassle. You can avoid any middle agents and get payment straight to your bank account. Invoices are simple and easy to send and receive.

Access to Tools:

Stripe offers a variety of financial products that can help businesses send and receive payments with ease. This aspect of service best alternative to paypal

Streamline Payments:

Because Stripe works with all “with financial institutions, regulators, payment networks, banks, and consumer wallets” meaning they deal with the extra admin and can cut out all the middlemen.


Similarly to Paypal, Stripe protects against hackers and fraudulent activity.


With an open API, you can customize Stripe to fit your brand. Customize to your heart’s desire and enjoy the several integrations to provide better workflow and system integration.

Seamless Integration:

Connect Stripe with its seamless integration to any CMS platform or accounting software like Quickbooks.


Monthly fees are pretty much equivalent to PayPal’s, but Stripe offers more payment methods.

2. TransferWise- The International Payment Alternative

● Cost Saving:

According to their website, their service is nineteen times cheaper than PayPal and eight times cheaper than typical bank transfers. If you’re working internationally–this is a no-brainer. They also offer a free debit card that’s accessible internationally!

● Consistent:

They’re open about their fees, so you can count on a consistent and real exchange rate that doesn’t add any extra numbers so that payment processors can take some cash from the total.

● Hassle-Free:

An international bank account can be opened and accessed within minutes, benefiting entrepreneurs, freelancers, solo traders, and big businesses.

● Straightforward Systems and Processes:

Similar to Stripe, TransferWise is great for customization with its open API, meaning smoother automated systems and processes, and easier integrations with your favorite tools.

● Easily Managed:

Managing finances is a bit easier here, as you can pay and process invoices with their Xero integration.

3. Google Pay- The Everyday Alternative

● Intuitive:

Google is known for user-friendly products, and Google Pay is no different. To use it, simply download the app, connect your card, and use your phone to pay up!

● Works Anywhere:

Google Pay is great for online shopping or out and about–anywhere a contactless card is accepted.

● Secure Payment:

With zero transaction limits, your payment information is totally secure. Store any boarding passes or tickets here, along with brand loyalty cards– so it’s like a virtual wallet.

● Spending Accountability:

Through tracked payments, you can actually go back in and take financial inventory. This means the next time you go out and spend a bunch, at least you’ll be aware of it.

The Downside Of Google Pay

It isn’t meant for eCommerce platforms as it struggles to handle lots of payment processing. This is for civilian spending!

4. Authorize.Net – The Small Business Alternative

● All In One:

Small businesses, hear ye, hear y! Visa owns this payment service to help small businesses receive payments, from mobile payments, point-of-sale, or a full eCommerce solution, you’re covered.

● Versatility:

With a merchant account, anything is really acceptable including debit cards, PayPal, e-check, and any other payment option that strikes your customer’s fancy. With an encrypted card reader built-in, your computer can become the one-stop shop for payments.

● Big Bank Benefits:

All the added benefits you’d get from a proper bank, like fraud protection, free invoicing, and the option for subscriptions and consistent billing.

● Lighting Speed:

Their mission is for you as the business owner to sell in higher quantities at a faster pace.

● 24/7 Customer Support:

Unmatched customer support, with real people available 24/7 to help with any issue that may arise allowing businesses to address them immediately.

5. Square – The Single Solution Alternative

● Minimalist:

Square is here to save the day. Square is great at having all payments in one place on a minimalist, simple, platform.

● Use Form Anywhere:

Square is easy to use anywhere–on your phone, on your iPad, or stand-alone. Probably why you’ve seen these bad boys around your neighborhood.

● 3 For 1:

Square offers 3 Payment Systems; Square Stand, Square Terminal, and Square Reader. With these systems, you can process card transactions, contactless payments, and apps like Google and Apple Pay.

● Admin Assistance:

With the Square app, you can check inventory, send and receive invoices, and manage employee processes in real time, automating all of the most annoying admin processes.

● Customer Support:

Top-of-the-line customer support, as Stripe will help you Integrate whatever you want so that it works for you and with you.

The Downside Of Square

If you’re looking for eCommerce or in-store payments, though, this isn’t the platform for you.

6. Shopify Payments -The Online Expansion Alternative

● Integrated Systems:

Shopify as we all know is a major player when it comes to moving your business online with all its integrated systems. It’s an eCommerce and point-of-sale platform all in one.

● Scalable:

You can begin, run, or expand your business via Shopify. Not only can you sell on this platform but you can create your website here too. Shopify Experts can offer help getting your store started and running your business.

● Daily Operations Made Easy:

With tons of eCommerce tools integrated into the platform that help drive sales and manage other daily tasks, it’s an easy platform for business owners to use.

● Versatile Payment Options:

Credit card payments work on this platform as well as other payment methods, you can sell via social media or eBay, and you can track fulfillment and shipping. They now offer a POS terminal so you can have a more unifying payment experience both online and in-store

● Simplified Customer Experience:

Organize your products and services how you want so you and your customer can access them easier, and customers can set up accounts to return.

7. Braintree – The Flexible Alternative

● Better Conversions:

It simplifies the payment process in-app and on the website, providing various payment options like Venmo, PayPal, MasterCard, and Direct Debit, Braintree allows easier, more seamless checkout, making conversions higher.

● Customizable Design:

Braintree is different because, unlike other static checkout platforms, this one is flexible in terms of design, and you customize the checkout process to fit your brand. Then customers can choose their favorite payment options, and everyone leaves happy.

● International Capabilities:

It works with international businesses and can accept payment in over 130 currencies in more than 45 countries.

● Safeguarded Data:

With high maximum security and fraud detection, your customer’s data is safeguarded.

● Expert Analytics:

Access detailed analytics on your business and get advice within seconds. With their experts, you’ll be able to create solutions to problems like chargeback and card hacking.

The Downside Of Braintree

While Braintree is a quality, capable platform, it’s still a PayPal service–sorry, we just can’t escape them!

8. Amazon Pay- The Fast Alternative

● Effortless Set-Up:

Their payment tool is virtually effortless to get up and running. All you do is add your payment details to your Amazon account and it’s ready to roll. Pay with a tap or a click whenever you see a yellow Amazon Pay button.

● No Fees:

Customers don’t have to deal with added transaction fees or processing fees. There aren’t even currency conversions or foreign transaction fees that can slow down the conversion rate.

● Familiarity:

Payments are simply made on a familiar and reliable interface. Businesses can add Amazon Pay to their checkout, simplifying the process which makes customers feel safe with payments.

The Downside Of Amazon Pay

It makes sense that Amazon would go into payment processing online–they are an online business built for eCommerce, and small-large scale enterprise businesses can benefit but Amazon doesn’t always treat their employees right.

The Recap: Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things!

With tons of different options for small businesses, large corporations, or personal use, you can find a payment solution that’s not PayPal. If it doesn’t work out, you can always find a different alternative!

Ross Boguslavski

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